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Feel full of energy again with personalized nutrition and lifestyle coaching for women with high blood pressure and diabetes.

Hi! I'm Dr. Amanda. My passion is to help you live a happy, healthy life, even with heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes.


Without intense dieting, lots of medications, or spending tens of thousands of dollars.


"I really did a soul search to find out my  'WHY' and stuck to it!  Lost a total of 7 pounds in 5 days!"

Living with a chronic illness feels like a constant struggle...

At the age of 14, I found myself weighing close to 200 pounds, starting my life on an unhealthy note…

I couldn't run the mile in gym class. I struggled to make the cheerleading team because of constant back pain and not having the gymnastic skills due to being overweight. I got headaches so often my grandmother should have bought stock in Excedrin since I was using so much of it.

At an age where I was supposed at to be my healthiest and full of energy, I felt exhausted and felt my mobility declining.

I felt lost. Not just in my body, but in my mind and spirit. I knew that if I was going to fully live the many years I had ahead of me, something had to change.

All this to say that I’ve been exactly where you are right now…and I know the emotional rollercoaster that a chronic illness diagnosis can bring on…

The pang of jealousy as you watch the people around you indulge in foods you once loved, while you feel left out and restricted. 

The confusion and frustration around what you’re supposed to be eating.

The constant tiredness and mental fatigue. You can’t remember the last time you ran around the yard with your loved ones or went salsa dancing with your friends.

The stress about the present and anxiety about the future keep you up at night. Getting a full 8 hours of sleep sounds like an elusive fantasy.

Maybe you feel alone. Like no one around you understands what you’re going through. Like your life will never be the same…

You are not alone!

When I started on my journey to recovery, I felt exactly like you feel right now. I wanted to live a full life and fulfill God’s will for me, but I didn’t know where to start. 

Having a chronic illness should not keep you from living a happy, healthy life.

Imagine savoring a variety of delicious foods each day. Enjoying foods that nourish you and still satisfy your sweet tooth.

You've made simple yet powerful lifestyle changes that have not only improved your health markers but also put you on track to potentially reversing your chronic illness.

Every day you wake up bursting with energy, ready to take on the day. You’re playing in the yard with your loved ones again and swimming laps at the local pool. Enjoying all that life has to offer without pain or discomfort.

You’ve reduced your reliance on medication, or gone off your meds completely. You’re finally sleeping well again, drifting off effortlessly and waking up refreshed. 

Your mind feels free and clear. Like a fog has lifted, and you can now see the world with newfound clarity and perspective. 

You feel a strong sense of fulfillment and inner peace every day, guided by the loving presence of God. Through your faith, you have found solace and strength, and your spirit is lifted as you connect with the divine.

You’ve reclaimed control of your life and you feel excited about what the future holds.


"I lost 11 pounds in 4 weeks without even thinking about losing weight."

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About Dr. Amanda Adkins, MD

It was the deliberate steps I took, focusing on my nutrition and lifestyle, that guided me on my path to recovery.

Switching to a plant-based diet put my body on the right path. Understanding my body as God’s temple brought peace to my spirit. And learning mindfulness and gratitude is what brought clarity to my mind.

As your health coach, I want to see you thrive in your chosen path, achieve your dreams, and cultivate meaningful relationships. I want you to embrace every day, knowing that you are guided by a higher purpose and that every step you take is directed by His divine plan.

As a board-certified internal medicine specialist since 2009, I have dedicated myself to helping women to take charge of their health. 

I firmly believe in the transformative power of simple nutrition and lifestyle changes. I’m committed to guiding you on this empowering journey.

How It Works


Book a Wellness Call

Let’s talk so I can learn more about where you’re at and what your health goals are


By discussing and understanding your current situation, I can tailor my services to best suit your needs and long-term goals


100% Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Over the course of 12 weeks, you’ll have six to ten sessions with me. 

We’ll start with a 2-week plant-based cleanse. Afterward, we'll spend the next ten weeks tailoring your nutrition based on how you feel and how your numbers respond. We'll tackle inflammation, adjust your salt and fat intake, and fine-tune your nutrition for lasting results.

Together, we'll develop an exercise routine that suits you, work on improving your sleep, and help you manage stress and anxiety.

I’ll support you on your spiritual journey, helping you deepen your relationship with God through the power of meditation, prayer, and worship.


Continued Guidance (as Needed)

When our 12 weeks are over, you can choose to continue to meet with me once a month or a few times a year to help you stay on track. I’m always here to help you.

What Do I Get?

6 private coaching sessions with me over the course of 12 weeks

Nutrition and meal recommendations personalized to you and your condition

Christian, spiritual approach and motivation

24/7 email support and guidance 

Practical tips, suggestions, and accountability


What’s the cost of not joining this program?

Imagine the weight of increasing insurance costs, the growing number of medications and their high prices, and the never-ending doctor appointments and co-pays.

Picture the frustration of struggling to find peaceful sleep and rejuvenation

Think of the disappointment of missing out on that long-awaited vacation that you’ve spent years saving and planning for.

Feel the heartache of not being able to play with your kids and grandkids. 


The cost of not taking action is too high to ignore. Embrace the chance to transform your life and rediscover your energy and fulfillment.


"I truly enjoyed the 5-Day Detox program with Dr. Amanda.  I really did a soul search to find out my  "WHY" and stuck to it!  Lost a total of 7 pounds in 5 days!"

"Initially I was skeptical about the entire process.  I meal prepped for 5 days which allowed me to follow the detox.  I learned about my cravings.  I craved sugar and caffeine in the afternoon for pick me up.  I don't need to eat because I am bored.  I lost 5.2 pounds.  After the detox was over, I have continued to meal and it has jumpstarted me into my positive lifestyle."

"As a non-vegan, I learned it was more than just veggies. It helped me try new things and enjoy clean eating. I've incorporated some of the things into my daily habits. I also lost 5 pounds, which is a plus."


  • What payment do you take? Do you take insurance?
    I do not take insurance at this time. I accept all major credit cards and cash. I also offer payment plans if needed.
  • Do I have to stop eating meat forever? 
    It will be ultimately your choice whether to eat meat or not. I will discuss pros and cons for you to decide.
  • How will I get protein if I don’t eat meat?
    It is your choice whether or not you decide to eat meat. If you decide to no longer eat meat, you will still have plenty of options to get your daily required amount of protein through most veggies, nuts, and legumes like beans and chickpeas.
  • Will this program work for me? 
    Yes, if you commit to making changes you will see results!
  • Will I have a variety of foods to eat? Will I have to give up my favorite foods or drinks entirely?
    The goal of my program is not to restrict you from foods you enjoy. My goal is to help you take a more holistic approach to your nutrition and lifestyle. This includes helping you adopt a positive mindset around eating, strengthening your spirituality and faith, and helping you reduce your stress and anxiety.
  • How can I integrate lifestyle and nutrition changes into my busy life?
    My program was created for busy women with a laundry list of to-do’s every day. The healthy habits and positive changes you’ll do with my program are meant to be simple and easy to implement. At the same time, they are sustainable changes that will last a lifetime.

Work with Me

Let's dive into your health goals and explore how I can support you in proactively managing your chronic illness.


Together, we'll work towards helping you feel your absolute best, boosting your energy levels, improving your sleep, and reducing your reliance on medications.

Check Out My YouTube channel

If you are ready to become a healthier version of yourself, then subscribe to my channel. 

Educational nutrition videos with the central philosophy that food is the best medicine.

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